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Aquarius Love CompatibilityIndependence is perhaps another way of describing the Aquarius personality.

If you are looking for intellectual stimulation and unconventional ways of doing things and seeing the world, look no further than this water sign which belongs to people that were born on between the 20th of January and 18th of February.

In this video guide to Aquarius love compatibility we’ll go over which signs are compatible with an Aquarius and which ones… well… aren’t so much!

Aloof and Detached

Your typical Aquarian is aloof, detached and unemotional. That being said, they bring a lot of fun as well as unexpected twists and turns in any type of friendship, relationship or social setting. They are also known as pioneers due to their love for knowledge and propensity to question everything to the last moment. This makes them great innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders because they may be able to identify a trend that others may not be aware of for a very long time.

Having an Aquarius for a friend usually means a lot of excitement. This is the kind of friend who would surprise you with an impromptu trip in the middle of their week. Their creative spirit and their need to make others feel comfortable also play a role in their ability to be good hosts and entertainers. Because they seek all manner of distractions, they will always be on the move and are more likely to be out having a good time instead of indoors in their own company.

Aquarius individuals may fare well in business as long as they are able to back up their grand ideas with attention to detail as well as a solid, realistic plan. Their need for self-improvement may however help them excel in humanitarian efforts, making them great social workers as well as therapists, counselors or psychologists.

Ideal Types

A Sagittarius may like the forward-thinking ways of an Aquarius as well as their passion and hunger for knowledge. These two signs are also independent, meaning that there won’t be episodes of jealousy or insecurity since each will be hot on the heels of whatever makes them happy without having to check in on their partner first. These two star signs also share a common love for humanity and humanitarian efforts, something that may act as glue if they ever decide to date.

Aquarius and Gemini are also best paired together because of their ability to not take themselves too seriously. Gemini love to play practical jokes and laugh their cares away, something that an Aquarius may appreciate. In addition, the physical chemistry between these two is one-of-a-kind, which essentially means that they’ll never get bored in the bedroom.

Libra may also find Aquarius to be a compatible sign due to their mutual love for socialization and excitement. These two are also air signs, and they both appreciate anything that has to do with the arts such as music, art and poetic prose. In addition, the charm and emotional sensitivity of a Libra may help an Aquarius see that life isn’t all about logic and calculated moves.

When dating an Aquarius, please note that you should be aware of this sign’s tendency to be stubborn as well as emotionally unavailable. However, with a bit of flexibility, you’ll be able to revel in the Aquarius’s inventive, humanitarian and witty ways for a long time to come.