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Aquarius TraitsAquarius is known as the master of reinvention for good reason.

No other sign in the zodiac is able to change their eternal appearance as well as internal way of thinking in order to move forward in life than the water bearer.

Aquarians are always looking to provide knowledge and tools that others can use to make their lives better; it’s no wonder that one of the biggest humanitarians, Oprah Winfrey, is an Aquarian.

What You Need To Know About Aquarius

Aquarians usually like to gather knowledge about various aspects of life in order to form a comprehensive view on what they believe to be right and true. In addition, they are ready to provide you with sound advice and information so you’re able to help yourself in a holistic fashion. While your typical Aquarian is slow to judge you for your indiscretions, they expect you to learn from them since he or she believes that life is all about positive progress.

Aquarians usually master the art of surprise as well as spontaneity as seen by their ability to do off-the-cuffs things such as packing up and traveling at a moment’s notice. They also are always on the search for adventure and novelty since they believe in finding out how other people live their lives, all the while keeping an open mind.

Aquarius Personality And CharacteristicsAquarians are also very sociable and love being in the company of others. They seem to attract the attention of influential individuals who in turn might help open doors for them when it comes to opportunities to meet and do exceptional things in life. Their easygoing nature also makes them popular across the board, as well as people that you can count on to turn a boring party into an exciting and fun-filled night.

Aquarians have a sense of fairness that’s brought on in part by their need to avoid ugly scenes. They are usually the first to look at both sides of a situation in a diplomatic fashion in the hopes of finding a solution that works for everyone. They don’t believe in character defamation, so they would rather do something constructive than listen to gossip.

Altruism is Aquarius’s middle name thanks to their naturally humanitarian ways. These individuals try as much as possible to understand how other people think and view the world in an effort to help them find solutions to their problems. That being said, they occasionally throw a disapproving look towards people that they perceive to be serial victims due to their inability to really understand human emotion and the propensity for people to make multiple mistakes.

While an Aquarius understands that perfection is an exercise in futility, they won’t hesitate to speak up if they feel that you aren’t doing enough to improve your life’s circumstances. Perhaps the best word one can use to describe Aquarians is ‘shape shifter’ because of this sign’s ability to completely change themselves in order to adapt to new circumstances. If you’re looking for a practical, fun-loving and intellectual partner, look no further than an Aquarian.