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Cancer Love CompatibilityCancer’s often have contradictory personalities that can baffle people born under different signs. They’re loyal and caring, but they’re also moody and overly sensitive.

Some Cancers embrace specific parts of the sign’s personality traits by becoming extremely independent or codependent. This often presents challenges within romantic relationships, but Cancer’s strengths make them excellent partners for the right people.

What Signs Are Compatible With Cancer?

Cancer Compatibility SignsCancer and Cancer compatibility is really high and they can form a deep, loving relationship based on a mutual understanding of themselves and the world. That said, putting two moody, sensitive people together can lead to a lot of hurt feelings. Those who foster a loving relationship may overcome this problem. Those who do not address these potential problems head on, though, could see their relationship end in a fiery display.

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility is very high and they have a lot in common, but they are different enough that they don’t always butt heads. Difficulties may arise from Scorpio’s insecurities, but a little reassurance from Cancer can go a long way. The relationship takes some work, but it can have rewarding consequences.

Pisces and Cancer compatibility is high as they are two water signs that can understand each others emotional personalities. They often love deeply and passionately. Since both of these signs often live with their heads in the clouds, one person may need to intentionally stay grounded to keep the relationship healthy.

Signs Sometimes Compatible With Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer compatibility can be quite strong and can work well together because they both have big ideas and big emotions. They often make excellent business partners, especially when Capricorn develops ideas that excite Cancer’s imagination. These two signs usually nourish each other. Since Capricorn is an Earth sign, though, Cancer could grow tired of the constant ambition and levelheadedness.

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility is good and according to Cancer horoscope compatibility charts Taurus will appreciate how Cancer takes care of the home. Cancer will appreciate feeling deeply loved. The slightest misstep, though, could send Cancer running away from Taurus, so it’s best to make a commitment and never stray.

Virgo and Cancer compatibility can be high too and they can form a profound bond, but it usually takes several months before they commit to the relationship. This can make the beginning a difficult time, especially if Virgo dislikes Cancer’s willingness to live in chaos. If they can establishing a trusting bond, they may stay together happily for life.

Signs Usually Incompatible With Cancer

Incompatible SignsAries and Cancer compatibility is weak and they rarely get along, especially in romantic relationships. Aries lets emotions lead much of his or her life. The sign is also fairly impulsive. This can make Cancer feel threatened or hurt emotionally. It’s best to leave this alone unless there is enough potential to work very hard.

Gemini and Cancer compatibility is low as they want different things out of life. Cancer astrology compatibility shows that Gemini often finds Cancer’s moodiness off-putting. Cancer finds Gemini’s adventurous side a bit overwhelming. It can work, but it is a struggle.

Libra and Cancer compatibility is low and often seem to suit each other until things get serious. The first time they have an argument, the relationship is in peril. Libra just wants more freedom than Cancer can comfortably allow. That makes them unsuitable partners.