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Capricorn Love CompatibilityIn the astrology world it is often said that there is no other sign that is more dependable and security-loving than a Capricorn.

Born between 23rd of December and 22nd of January, these are solid and ambitious people who may be perceived by others as square or boring.

That being said, Capricorns are mysterious and may surprise you once you get to know them on a much deeper level.

Love for Stability

The Capricorn’s love for stability and security is rooted in their need to be prepared as well as look good to the rest of their peers. This sign values financial and material security, and they will work diligently until they get to their goal. They may also appear stubborn and close-minded because they believe in doing things only in one way. However, they usually tend to be right, even though they seem like the type that would steamroll you just to get their point across.

The typical Capricorn loves comfortable and practical surroundings, and they are very committed people that you can count on to help you in life at any time. They are especially fond of taking on projects and challenges, so they would be the first people to offer a friend advice and pick them up and provide them with a solid life plan on how to get their life back together.

Capricorns may appear stifling and too controlling; however, this is just their way of showing that they care and that they want the best for you. A Capricorn will also carefully evaluate his options before making any kind of move because they want almost 100 percent surety that whatever they are about to embark on will be met by success. They also have a melancholic temperament and can seem too strict until you get to know them.

Compatible Star Signs

Pisces is thought to do well when paired with Capricorn because of this star sign’s propensity to be a caring nurturer as well as a stabilizing influence on the dreamy and impractical fish. Pisces, on the other hand, helps Capricorns see the lighter side of life, making them loosen up and not be so serious all the time.

Taurus is as close as you’re going to get to a Capricorn doppelganger. These two signs both value material success as well as financial security. Their practical natures and their belief in doing things the right way will ensure that their love boat never gets rocked by arguments based on how each other views life and what they value as being important.

Because of Capricorn’s need to work hard and keep a neat and positive home, Virgos can be a great match for this earthy sign. The typical Virgo loves security and predictability, and can be a great complement to the reliable Capricorn. These two also aren’t known to keep large groups of friends so they would have an equally matched social life as well as acquaintances.

When you’re looking to date a Capricorn, please remember to be open to living a structured, home-based life. This star sign isn’t the most romantic, but they more than make up for this by having indomitable stamina in the bedroom as well as protective are safe arms you can run to anytime.