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Leo CompatibilityLeos are usually confident, ambitious people who like to share their love of life with other. This often makes them great romantic partners, especially for people who prefer to follow a stronger person’s lead. The Leo’s confidence, however, can come across as pretentious or vain, so not everyone will feel this attraction.

Below you’ll learn all about Leo love compatibility and will discover which signs are the best match for Leos… as well as which ones they should try to avoid.

What Signs Are Compatible With Leo?

Leo Compatibility SignsLeos are most compatible with other fire signs. They often create passionate relationships that make every day interesting. At times, similar signs may butt heads. If they can find ways to curb competition, they have a great chance at forming strong bonds.

Leo and Leo compatibility is very high making this pair very compatible. The only problem is that both people in the relationship tend to want a lot of attention. This is fine when they are alone, but they may compete with each other while socializing.

Aries and Leo compatibility is also high and they have a lot of traits in common. The big difference is that Aries, while very social, doesn’t care too much about what other people think. This often makes it easier for an Aries and Leo to form a long-lasting relationship than two Leos.

Sagittarius and Leo compatibility is excellent and these are two of the most compatible signs. Put these two people in the same room and they will inevitably find each other. They’re both smart and adventurous, so there is never a dull moment.

Signs That Are Often Compatible With Leo

Aquarius and Leo compatibility can be quite high as long as the Leo learns to take life a little less seriously. Both signs are smart and social. Leos with dominant personalities, however, may kill the fun that Aquarius needs to thrive.

Gemini and Leo compatibility can be strong as long as the Gemini learns to control his or her flirting with other people. Both of these sings are intelligent, and they need a lot of mental challenges from their partners. Leo, however, does not have much patients for playing games. He or she may walk away from the relationship if Gemini doesn’t take it seriously enough.

Libra and Leo compatibility can also be high and they usually make a romantic couple that enjoys the finer things in life. Libras, however, often lack direction. They aren’t sure what their goals in life are. Even if they do, they often don’t know how to reach them. If Leo shows Libra how to take control of his or her life, this match can work well. If Libra remains aimless, Leo may get annoyed and become distant.

Signs That Are Rarely Compatible With Leo

Incompatible SignsPisces and Leo compatibility is very low as Pisces is far too sensitive to form a deep relationship with Leo. Even though Leo often has a warm, social personality, the sign is also deeply intellectual. Honestly, Leo is also a little self-centered. Leo may hurt Pisces’s feelings without even knowing it. Since Pisces can hold a grudge forever, this is unlikely to work.

Capricorn and Leo compatibility is very low also as Capricorn doesn’t have a strong enough personality to compete with Leo. Leo will dominate the relationship, which can make Capricorn feel insecure or offended. Like Pisces, Capricorn doesn’t forgive mistakes easily. Anything harm that Leo causes will stay in the relationship forever. That’s a difficult situation that often leads to unhappiness.