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Libra Love CompatibilityIt’s often said that everyone loves a Libra due to the sense of excitement they bring in any situation.

Born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October, these individuals are known for having a heightened sense of all things beautiful.

Furthermore they are also notorious for being diplomats within their social circles, not wanting to rock the boat.

Libra and Esthetics

The best way to tell if someone is a Libra is to look at their surroundings. They are considered to be stylish, and their homes are comfortable and look like something out of a magazine. Libras also tend to be good-looking and can be very charming but soft, making them good leaders. That being said, these individuals may not be as decisive as one would like to be, perhaps due to their tendency to take the middle ground when faced with any kind of confrontation.

Libras have a tougher side that only comes out when needed. This is usually true when it comes to business dealings, and anything that they are passionate about. They also tend to walk a fine line with regard to independence and being around other people. They are perceived as good people to count on with your secrets because they lend a listening ear to anyone that needs it.

Libra is considered as the only inanimate sign in the zodiac because it is not represented by a living organism, but a scale. It is also considered a sun sign and one that is artistic instead of intellectual or logical.

Librans have been known to be flirtatious and can border on the ridiculous when it comes to romanticism. That being said, they usually look for stability and can go to great lengths to achieve it. They love the concept of being in love, and they are best paired with star signs that are looking for a partner that loves excitement, variety and socializing.

Ideal Matches

A sign that comes to mind when it comes to compatibility is Aquarius, perhaps because of this star sign’s propensity to be attracted to a rich social life. An Aquarius mate may be stubborn, and Libra’s diplomatic ways may just be the thing they need to stay grounded and soft.

Sagittarians are known to be charming and thoughtful as well as adventurous; things that Libras live for, making these two a good pair. The Sagittarian is also a lover of knowledge and may provide their Libra lover with much-needed mental stimulation.

Gemini’s love for humor and excitement makes this star sign another great choice for Libras. They also crave excitement, variety, as well as independence, making it seem that they are the ideal doppelganger for a Libra. They do not get jealous or hurt over frivolous things, which naturally gives them a tough skin to withstand the sometimes inconsistent ways of a Libra. Lastly, these two ignite a passion within each other, making them a match made in heaven, and perhaps even the ideal match out of all three combinations.

When dating a Libra, it’s important not to take anything too seriously because their view of life changes fast and sometimes without reason. The important thing here is maintaining an open mind and enjoying every minute of the fabulous and exciting company of a Libra.