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Libra TraitsThere’s no other astrological sign that is as complex as Libra. In addition, it is the only star sign that’s represented by a non-living object.

If you ask people to tell you a bit about their Libra friends, you’ll be met by answers that touch on how stylish and sensual these individuals are.

However, there are some undesirable traits that people born under this sign have that may just be their undoing that we’ll take a look at in this article.

What You Need To Know About Libra

Your typical Libra has elegant facial features and a body that seems to defy gravity. These individuals go to great lengths to look good thanks to their ability to divine what’s trendy and what looks good on them. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to have Libras drawn to careers that have to do with presentation and beauty. Examples include makeup artistry, wardrobe, hair stylist careers and anything in the beauty industry.

Libras are known to be serial fence sitters. This, however, is just their way of making sure that they don’t rock the boat and disappoint any parties embroiled in a quandary. They are always there when you need advice, but don’t expect them to mediate conflicts between you and a friend or a loved one.

Libra Personality And CharacteristicsThe typical Libra male or female is big on flirting. This makes them charming and gives them the ability to talk up any person within their range in places such as parties or at the club. Libras are also legendary lovers and understand the intricacies of sex and relationships in a more refined way. Because of their sensuality and inability to resist the variety that the world affords them, it’s hard for someone dating a Libra not to develop insecurities. Libras need outgoing people who aren’t really into commitment since this is how they live their lives.

Libras are always craving the approval of others. This makes them consummate communicators as well as sensitive to social cues and interactions. They are very careful to make connections on a both personal and professional basis, and they are always on the lookout for new relationships. They make great matchmakers since they seem to know everyone, and they aren’t the type to give you the business when it comes to over socializing.

Libras are very good at conceptual and big picture thinking. They are thus experts at accomplishing anything that they put their mind to, as long as they get the support they crave from their peers. They are sometimes drawn to spend money on lavish items, and because of this, they may need to have a sensible Virgo or Capricorn friend to remind them of what’s important in life.

Libras tend to be optimistic about life and will quickly make a joke out of different situations just to diffuse any kind of tension. They are big on harmony and romance, and they are more laid back than they appear to be, never refusing to try anything once. A Libra friend or lover can open you up to experiences, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously.