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Pisces Love CompatibilityPisces is the final sign of the zodiac. Individuals born between the 19th of February and 20th of March belong to this star sign. Pisces is represented by two fishes swimming in opposite directions.

More often than not, people born under this sign have an internal tug of war and are unable to make up their minds compared to other people. However, this makes them good diplomats and gives them the unique ability to look at both sides of any situations without forming a strong opinion on either one.

Pisces Are Emotional Beings

Pisces people tend to be emotional and spiritual, both of which can help them have good intuition as well as a heightened ability to harness psychic powers. They are known to have exceptional creativity, and can scale the heights of artistic success should they be offered support by friends and loved ones.

Pisces are giving people, and because of this, they may lose themselves in a cause because they can become embroiled in the cause so much that it becomes part of them. In addition, their giving ways may not really be recognized by others since they prefer to remain low-key in whatever they do.

Known as the masters of illusion and mystery, a Pisces can slither into your life and leave without you noticing it, and they can seem dreamy and impractical by those who don’t understand how they view the world. They prefer to be optimistic, and they are the masters of adaptability within reason.

Ideal Matches For Pisces

The fragile nature of your typical Pisces makes them ideal matches for confident types such as Capricorn. In addition, they need someone who is practical and grounded to temper their notorious propensity to dream and live in fantasy land. They also need someone who will be able to offer them solutions to their problems, and preferably someone who can take their hand and help them do the mundane things in life such as paying their bills in a timely manner, and lots more.

Pisces also make good mates when paired up with Cancer since these two share an emotional bond that makes them more likely to understand each other on a more fundamental level. These two are also both creative and visionary thinkers, so they are more often than not able to see where the other person is coming from. Cancer’s natural need to be a protector may work well with Pisces since the fish is always looking for some kind of long-term security which won’t stifle them.

Scorpio and Pisces may experience a very strong initial attraction because they are polar opposites but understand each other due to their shared emotional center. Scorpio is more than happy to offer protection to the fragile Pisces as well as passion that will leave their partner asking for more.

The Pisces tendency to be emotional may mean that they won’t do well with the fun-loving Libra, since this is a sign that doesn’t like to be pinned down at whatever cost. Lastly, Pisces individuals should stay away from the thoughtless and flighty Gemini since they will only get themselves hurt when they find that their emotional needs as well as the need to be protected aren’t met.