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Scorpio CharacteristicsHave you ever met someone who seems to know exactly what you’re thinking about at any given moment?

Chances are, this person may be somebody who was born under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

These people are known for possessing an indubitable sense of intuition, Scorpios really understand people at a fundamental level which can be both awe-inspiring and scary.

What You Need To Know About Scorpio

The typical Scorpio has sharp facial features, much like that of a hawk or eagle. They possess intense eyes that seem to look deep into your soul, as well as a poker face to rival all poker faces. You never really know what’s going on in Scorpio’s head until the very last moment, and this can put some people on edge if they’re not used to the mysterious ways of the Scorpio male or female.

Scorpios are good at being secretive which in essence makes them ideal people to confess your secrets to. They will sympathetically lend a listening ear, giving you your cathartic moment. However, be careful what you confess because Scorpios have been known to turn around and sting you with the same information you confided them with. The only way to stop this from happening, however, is to always make a conscious effort to be in their good books at all times.

Scorpio Personality And CharacteristicsScorpios love problems because this gives them the opportunity to take things apart and examine them in order to find something that works. At the same time, solving other people’s problems may give them insight into how the world works as well as inspiration on how to solve their own problems in the long run.

Scorpio’s determination knows no bounds; this is seen by this sign’s ability to bounce back from adversity like nothing ever happened. In addition, their resilience and persistence provides them with the mental strength and flexibility to go through life with grace without turning bitter and shaking their fists at fate. They are averse to individuals who like to complain or act like victims, so you won’t be getting any pity from your average Scorpio; just logical solutions to your problems.

Scorpio’s nature to be obsessive might be their downfall since this turns them into fanatics when it comes to anything that comes their way such as trends, philosophies, ways of thinking and religion. Because of this, it’s important to keep an eye out for your Scorpio friend and lead them to safer pastures should you see them going in the wrong direction.

In addition, Scorpios always lead with an air of suspicion which can essentially be seen as a way of protecting themselves from the vagaries of life. This might make them hard to get to know at first, as well as an impediment in love and relationships. Scorpios, however, are really good at taking adversity and turning it into something beautiful and inspiration. You can never count out a Scorpio since they always bounce back, and they always survive whatever is thrown their way. This makes them an inspirational figure to other star signs that may need a bit of a push to reach deep into themselves and come up with a winner.