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Taurus Love CompatibilityTaurus is represented by the bull, and applies to anyone who was born between April 20th and May 20th. No other astrological sign possesses the perseverance of this sign, making this sign one of the most endearing and more likely to fight for a relationship to work. Astute businesspeople, Taurus individuals value predictability, security and faithfulness.

The typical Taurus doesn’t want things to change, and for good reason. Stability and predictability allows them to be the best they can be since it’s within this environment that they can grow and use their perseverance to reach their lofty goals.

Taurus Make Good Sidekicks

That being said, a Taurus isn’t interested in leadership roles. However, they are the type to make good sidekicks to people in leadership positions since they don’t mind cleaning up after them as well as making sure any mundane and administrative details are taken care of in a timely and thorough fashion.

The Taurus loyal and dependable streak makes them great friends as well as loyal confidantes. They are thus the right person to go to when you need to vent or someone who’s going to provide you with practical advice. In addition, the typical Taurus is fiercely independent so they may not be your average social butterfly. They prefer to keep a close circle of friends around, but they aren’t averse to being the life of the party when the situation calls for it.

Despite their tough exterior, Taurus people are intensely emotional and sensitive. Because of this, it’s important to make sure not to say anything insensitive around them. they have a deep capacity for caring, and this usually becomes apparent after a great deal of prodding and patience from their friends and loved ones.

Ideal Matches

Taurus people tend to do well with individuals born under the Pisces sign because of their shared love for all things beautiful. In addition, Taurus will act as an anchor to flighty Pisces as well as someone that can offer the dreamy fish some practical advice on how to navigate through life’s common problems. Pisces, on the other hand, will give Taurus a different view on life when it comes to trusting one’s intuition and indulging in creativity and not taking everything so seriously.

Another great pairing for Taurus happens to be Cancer, perhaps because of these two sign’s need for security and predictability as well as a relationship that may be able to stand the test of time and life’s challenges. Cancer will also do a good job at helping Taurus develop his emotional side, something that they usually struggle with.

Capricorn’s security-loving ways and their need to have a solid financial future will attract them to a Taurus unknowingly. Taurus’s innate passionate nature can also be a great boon to Capricorn’s need to express their emotions as well as be in an emotionally fulfilling love relationship. These two also place a high regard on fidelity as well as finding someone they can spend a large part of their life with in a loving and mutually beneficial environment.