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Taurus TraitsThe Taurus star sign is represented by the image of a bull.

Individuals born under this sign are known to be stubborn and forceful, as well as people who never take no for an answer.

The epitomes of an alpha male or female, Tauruses are a piece of work, something that may seem misleading because of their deep capacity to love as well as show affection.

What You Need To Know About Taurus

Taurus tends to be successful because of their bull-headedness. This makes them really good businesspeople as well as powerful influencers in whatever business field they choose to follow. This makes them natural leaders in whatever field they choose to delve in, and people to look up to if you’re looking to break into any form of entrepreneurship.

Tauruses are always looking to preserve the status quo, so it’s unlikely that they will accept change with open arms. They believe in doing things in one way since this is part of their formula for success. Because of this, it may be hard to get a Taurus to try something different, which in the end might breed frustration and resentment on the part of the person looking to instigate change.

Taurus takes love and relationships very seriously. Their love is genuine, and they will go to great lengths to make you happy if you ever become involved with one. They will shower you with expensive gifts as well as sweet nothings, and they will nurture you and the relationship for a long time to come. They don’t know how to handle rejection and heartbreak, and they have been known to take years to heal from a breakup.

There’s something to be said about Taurus individuals and their love for all things sensual and beautiful. They love to surround themselves with beautiful furnishings and wear only the most stylish of clothes. They are ardent lovers of the arts and good music, and there’s nothing they won’t do to get their hands on an expensive item. This makes them somewhat materialistic as well as unable to separate their identity from what really matters in life – relationships.

Tauruses are also seen as great listeners due to their reserved nature. This makes them loyal and dependable friends that you can count on at any given time should you feel the need to vent and confess your secrets to someone who is willing to listen.

One thing that most people don’t understand about Tauruses is this sign’s ability to be self-sufficient. While often successful, your typical Taurus isn’t in competition with anyone but themselves. This is perhaps due to this sign’s self-confidence and natural stamina, something that can propel them to great heights. They also like to surround themselves with successful people and may sometimes get caught up in the glitz and glamor of power and influence. Whether you’re looking for a leader, a passionate lover or a dependable friend, you’re bound to get everything you want in a Taurus as long as you don’t mind being in the bull’s way every once in a while.