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Why Are Aquarius So Weird?Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac, is the water bearer and sometimes they can have a reputation for being a bit, well, weird.

These visionaries are the humanitarians on the zodiac, and their life’s goal is to focus their energies and attentions on creating a better world for everyone.

These people are often the tech savvy tree huggers, which leaves many to consider the Aquarius personality to be odd, eccentric or weird. Their goal is to create a more progressive world through thoughts and ideas, and many of their ideas will do just that five to ten years from now.

The Aquarius Intellect

The Aquarius always has a unique approach to things because they are ten steps ahead of everyone else. They have individualized approaches to some of the world’s largest issues, and they fully believe their method is correct. They are eager to share their insight with others, and happy to argue their point if needed.

They strive to be in the know by always staying up-to-date on the latest technology. Because the water bearer’s mind is always a whirlwind of radical new ideas, they can come across as a bit offbeat (this is because they are beyond their time). The Aquarius mind doesn’t work like the minds of other zodiac signs. They use their unique vision to create and invent gadgets that are completely next-generation. This is out of the realm of understanding for almost everyone else.

Like all brainy folks (the Aquarius is borderline genius), the Aquarius is quite spacey. As strange is it may seem, their altruistic nature is not guided by emotion. Instead, they strive to make selfless differences in the world in an intellectual way. They are humanitarians who utilize their brains instead of their hearts.

Speaking of emotion, the Aquarius is capable of making all decisions with an absence of feeling. This means they are often the go-to person for impartial judgments. For a person who is driven by creating a better world, some people might consider their ability to be detached as odd or unusual. Even though they are capable of making the difficult calls without emoting, their heart is always in the right place.

Aquarius Group Dynamics

Aquarius loves to surround themselves with people, but they don’t want to fit in – they strive to stand out. Considering their unique and vast intellect, individuality comes easily. As the life of the party, this philanthropic person will often engage in gossip, too.

As much as the water bearer loves to be apart of the group, they are in totally contempt of the “establishment”. One might even consider them unconventionally rebellious.

Aquarius Appearance

If they play the part, they might as well look the part, too. As an attempt to set themselves even further apart from everyone else, they’ll combine odd patterns, shapes or styles together. Even their clothing shows how unwilling they are to conform to the norm.

Don’t Misunderstand…

The Aquarius has so much to give, and they are happy and eager to contribute. Though, their unique ideas and point of view may seem totally left field for now, give it a few years. These geniuses are ten steps ahead of even their brainiest counterpoints.