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Why Are Cancers So Emotional?Those born between June 22 and July 22 fall under the Cancer sign of the Zodiac. Cancer is often accused of being overly emotional. This is no surprise, considering the elements that influence the Cancer personality.

The key planet governing Cancer is the moon. The key element is water. The interplay between these two wreak havoc with Cancer’s emotional state.

The Moon, Water, And Cancer

No planetary body is as close to the earth as the moon. The moon’s influence on Cancer is strong, pulling at Cancer’s moods like the tide. This analogy is particularly true as the other governing influence of Cancer is water.

Cancer is highly susceptible to the moon’s pull. Those with the Cancer sign report feeling mood swings with the waxing and waning of the moon. Their moods run in accordance with the play of the moon on their key element, water. Those born under a water sign experience drastic mood changes over the course of a day.

Cancer’s moods are complex. On the surface they may appear either calm or turbulent, depending on the hour. Beneath the surface run deeper currents. Cancers are always feeling something. This sensitivity contributes to their powerful mood swings and makes Cancer one of, if not the most, sensitive of the Zodiac.

The moon’s pull on these underlying currents brings deeper emotions to the surface for Cancer. While other signs keep these deeper emotions buried, Cancer is not so lucky. Negative and positive emotions rule them without warning. These bouts of moodiness are especially noticeable at the full moon when the moon’s pull is strongest.

Nurturing Cancer

Cancer’s moods are notorious. That is not all there is to Cancer. The positive aspect of Cancer’s sensitivity is their innate ability to intuit the feelings of others.

Cancers are nurturers. The moon’s feminine energy and water’s ability to feel the emotional “vibes” of others coalesce in Cancer’s uncanny ability to care for others. Cancer is the first to pick up when a friend or loved one is feeling down. They know when to step in and when to keep their distance. Cancers are emotional healers. They help resolve conflicts and value peace and stability within their homes.

Cancers’ ability to intuit emotions also makes them dangerous. An intuitive Cancer can manipulate those around them. Moody Cancers use their nurturing nature to influence others. This manipulative streak can drain the energy of their loved one, making Cancer a bit like a sort of psychic vampire. Manipulative, moody Cancers are not always aware of the effect their manipulations have on others. Most do not realize they are doing it.

Another negative Cancer quality is a tendency to seek protection from their own moods by feeding off of the emotions of others. This further contributes to their manipulative nature.

Cancers Are Emotional

Cancers are emotional. The secret to a healthy Cancer is a Cancer who has figured out how to balance their emotional needs without relying heavily on others.

Cancer’s mood swings are a result of the interplay between their key planet, the moon, and their key element, water. Understanding the nature of Cancer helps Cancers and their loved ones address and forestall some of Cancer’s more negative traits.