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Why Are Geminis So Crazy?Crazy is a relative term. Geminis hear it quite a bit. Geminis’ dual personality comes off as just a little crazy to those who know and love them.

This is hardly their fault. Geminis are heavily influenced by mutable Mercury and ever-changing Air.

These qualities make it difficult for Geminis to establish a sense of self. The result is often instability.

Gemini Mental Health

Geminis are prone to a variety of mental health problems. Their brains work constantly. Gemini is always analyzing a new idea or trying to solve a problem.

Geminis have a hard time turning their brain off for a well-deserved rest. Mental exhaustion and nervous breakdowns are par for the course with Gemini. This exhaustion translates in physical afflictions too.

The Gemini immune system is not as strong as those of other signs. Mental stress leads to repressed immune systems and other health problems.

The cause of this mental stress and tendency to over analyze is the combination of Mercury and Air signs in Gemini.

Mutable Mercury

Mercury’s influence is strong in Gemini. Mercury is associated with speed and communication. Gemini embodies these qualities.

A Gemini is rarely standing still. The sign loves to move and is always enthusiastic about new people, new ideas, and new locations. Gemini love discussion. Learning and sharing their knowledge is Gemini’s driving passion. Acting on this knowledge comes less easily to Gemini. Gemini’s enthusiasm rarely extends beyond the planning phase of projects. Boredom easily overtakes Gemini’s best intentions. This fickleness is one of the signs’ defining characteristics. Inconsistency is a major negative trait that is hard for Geminis to overcome.

Gemini struggle to turn off their intellect. Too many ideas are problematic for Gemini as well as stimulating. Gemini’s inability to choose a side and stick with it makes it hard for them to have concrete ideals of their own. Geminis struggle with work and relationships without an established life philosophy. Other people find it difficult to understand Geminis and their motives. Geminis themselves struggle with the same dilemmas.

It takes Geminis longer than most to establish a strong sense of self. Geminis feel lost without this guiding sense. The duality of their sign sometimes makes them feel as if they are really two or more people inside their head instead of just one. Such a confusing outlook takes its toll on Gemini’s psyche, opening them up to mental health problems.

Air And Gemini

Air is constantly shifting and so are Gemini. Gemini looks at the world from every angle. This is an admirable quality most of the time. A “crazy” Gemini can take this to the extreme. Combined with the speed of Mercury, Gemini can change course seemingly instantly. One moment Gemini is presenting one view, the next moment another. Such sudden shifts create an appearance of instability and multiple personalities meshed into one person. It is hard for those who love Geminis to predict their next moves. It can feel like Gemini is two people. This is unsettling for more stable signs and makes Gemini appear crazy in their eyes.

Are Geminis Crazy?

Some Geminis are genuinely crazy. The sign’s mutability is hard for some individuals to handle. Those with strong Gemini traits often struggle with issues surrounding identity. Other Geminis merely represent their sign. Their changeable nature is just a part of their personality, not a sign of insanity.