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Why Are Leos So Annoying?Leos do not appear emotional on the surface.

Those born between July 23 and August 22 exhibit the attitude of a lion, like their sign symbol.

Beneath their showy exterior, Leos conceal a deeply emotional and often touchy personality.

This comes as no surprise when their Zodiac is closely examined.

Leo’s Nature

Leo is ruled by the Sun, Fire, and the Fifth House. Each of these governing forces contributes to Leo’s powerful persona. They also create the emotional tempests that Leos are known for.

Leos, in general, tend to radiate power. They are born leaders and their warm personalities draw people in. Like the lion, they are strong and ambitious. No prey is too large for a Leo. The chase is as thrilling to a Leo as a victory, and Leo is rarely satisfied for long. Nothing is powerful enough to make a Leo compromise his or her independence. This does not mean they are not wonderful partners. Leos are warm, loving, and fiercely protective. They are also prickly to a fault when it comes to pride.

The Sun And Leo

Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun. The sun rules the solar system. Leos, similarly, think that they are born to rule. This egocentric viewpoint makes Leos powerful leaders. It is also a source of arrogance and destruction. The sun gives life to the world. Leos embody that light and have the power to stimulate growth and stop it entirely.

The Fifth House: Children

The Fifth House governs Leo. The Fifth House is concerned with children and creativity. Leos love to embrace their inner child. This is obvious when Leos are around children or engaged in play with friends and loved ones. The Fifth House is also the house of romantic love and enjoyment. Leos love to have a good time.

Fire Sign

Fire is unpredictable and insatiable. So are Leos. Fire gives off the light and warmth that are associated with the Leo personality. A Leo’s energy is rarely drained, but it requires constant feeding. Leos draw their strength from the love and support of their friends, families, and admirers. Leo’s ambition knows no limits, and they go to great lengths to provide fuel for their inner flame.

The Emotional Trinity

The power of the sun, the childlike nature of the Fifth House, and the insatiable element of fire makes majestic Leo an emotional soul. Their pride is very touchy. Leos are easily offended by slights both real and imagined. Their strong personality, ironically, easily offends others. This makes it hard for Leos to understand the consequences of their actions.

Fire and children tend to be unpredictable. A Leo’s mood swings are forceful and come without warning. Their warm, inner heart is often at odds with their forceful personality. This frustrates Leo and further contributes to the emotional turbulence of the lion.

Are Leos Too Emotional?

Leos are not as emotional as some of the more sensitive signs, like Cancer. The difference is that their forceful personalities make a Leo’s emotional outbursts seem larger than life. This is difficult for friends and family to tolerate, but is just a part of life with a lion.